The source of temptation

One of the important concepts in the Bible is the idea of sin.The basic principle is that sin leads to death (see, for example, Romans 6:23); understanding where sin comes from is thus a useful part of the Gospel and it also helps us in a practical sense when we consider how to resist the temptation to sin.

What sin is

Sin is a word no longer in common use. The Bible explains its meaning and its importance.


Everyone is a sinner

There has only been one exception. Everyone has sinned.

Where temptation comes from

The Bible teaches that temptation comes from within ourselves; there is no external being tempting us.

The devil

The devil is to be found in the Bible; it is the name given to the thoughts which tempt us.


Satan appears throughout the Bible and is correctly translated as an adversary or an opponent of any sort.

The temptations of Jesus

Given that temptation comes from within a person, how can Jesus's temptations be understood?


The Bible teaching about temptation being from within a person can change how we fight against temptation and sin.


  1. Sin is the failure to follow God’s moral principle; the consequence of sin is death.

  2. Temptation to sin comes from within ourselves; it is a part of human nature.

  3. We need to think before we do things; the impulse may come from our sinful human nature.