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The Gospel is the teaching of Jesus and the Apostles who followed him.It was taught by the Old Testament prophets and appears throughout the Bible.

This website is dedicated to explaining the basics of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. There is a graphical summary (the Gospel in Brief) and a more detailed explanation (the Gospel).

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                                                                  The Birth of Jesus

December is here. The shops are full of Christmas food and decorations. Carols and Christmas tunes can be heard everywhere. Despite, or possibly because of, covid and new variants, people are gearing up to make this a Christmas to celebrate. But what is everyone celebrating? Is it merely an opportunity to get together with friends and family after the difficulties of the past two years? To try and put the heartache and the difficulties behind us even if it's only for a short time? There is nothing wrong with any of that. Except does it have to just be for a 'short time'? When January comes is there no way to keep a sense of joy and expectation? As Christadelphians we believe that Jesus really existed and that in his life, his death and his resurrection there is a hope that will last beyond December. So please look at our videos for this month on the reality of Jesus' birth, culminating in the hope it can bring to everyone. 
May we wish you all a peaceful time wherever you may be. 

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