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The Gospel is the teaching of Jesus and the Apostles who followed him.It was taught by the Old Testament prophets and appears throughout the Bible.

This website is dedicated to explaining the basics of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. There is a graphical summary (the Gospel in Brief) and a more detailed explanation (the Gospel).

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                                          A clearer look at the gospel of John

Of the four gospels in the new Testament that of John stands out as being different. This has provoked a lot of discussion over the centuries and John has come to be regarded as giving a different, 'more advanced' view of Jesus. But what does this gospel actually say and teach? This series looks more closely at some of the passages in John that are often held to teach that Jesus is part of a Godhead. So if you are interested in finding out who Jesus really is then join us on Monday evenings during May and June. You might be surprised at some of the conclusions drawn.

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