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2. Introducing Jesus Christ

This is the second lesson in the online course: Basics of the Gospel



Jesus Christ is the key figure in Christianity, the founder of the faith whose teaching is at the centre of the Gospel and whose death and resurrection bring salvation to mankind. To understand real Christianity, it is necessary to understand Jesus Christ. This class is about Jesus Christ, what he did and who he is.



To download the course notes for this section of the course click on the pdf icon in the green box. Similarly, you can watch the video presentation by clicking on the button in the white box and find a link to a web page which discusses the difference between Jesus and God by clicking on the purple box.


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Course notes on the Core Gospel.

Click here to download the full text of the lesson on the life and person of Jesus Christ.

Video Presentation

Click for an online video which introduces Jesus Christ, who he is and what he did.

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