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                                                                Forgiveness and Salvation



This is about why Jesus had to die and what it did for us.


Main Section

  1. The Eternal Moral Standard

       There is such a standard. Right is right and wrong is wrong. Otherwise the holocaust, torturing babies, persecuting the             innocent are not wrong!

      (God’s moral principle: Matt 7:12)  Breaking God’s moral principle is called sin.


    2. Everyone has broken God’s moral standard.  Rom 3:9-10 (goes on vv 11 – 18)

                                                                                                          (1 Jn 1:8 – everyone inc us)

        This includes us. We know we have done wrong things.


    3. Sin leads to death.  Define sin.  Rom 5:12               (Jas 1:13-15)

        This is necessary to prevent the victory of sin: Mao, Pol Pot, Stalin, Hitler. I’m sure you can think of others.

​        BUT

        For God to be just, this must apply to everyone.

        This means us – we too are sinners         - sin → death

​        AND

        Death must be eternal. Moving to a different place solves nothing.


     4. God’s dilemma:                allow (some) sinners eternal life?   → unjust

                                                    kill everyone? → unmerciful

  • The solution: demonstrate identification with the universal moral standard.

                                                   we could die ourselves: defeats the purpose (eternal life) + we are dying already.

                                                                                IF WE DIE – NOTHING HAS CHANGED!


                              BUT HOW


                                                   representative dies on our behalf = sacrifice

                                                                               An animal makes an imperfect sacrifice

                                                                               What is needed is a sinless man – Jesus is exactly this

The resurrection of Jesus shows the value of his death.


    5. How to be associated with Jesus and his sacrifice

  • Rom 6:3           Baptism = a burial in water.         NB – it requires understanding.

  •            :4,5        Death with Christ = freedom from sin.     (vv6,7)

  •            :8           Baptism: we die in symbol, but live in reality by our own resurrection.

  •            :23         Summary :          The wages of sin is death

                                                              The Gift of God is Life!

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