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Lecture outlines



The Bible talks are written in full under 'More about the Gospel'. The notes or summary sheets for them contain the main teaching points with supporting quotations and provide a possible starting point for other talks on the same subject. To see the lecture outlines click on the purple button.These outlines can be printed off for free by highlighting and using ctrl  + P.

The Basic Gospel or The Gospel of the Apostles

The basic Gospel is what Real Christianity is all about. It is about Jesus Christ, his death and resurrection and what that means to us. 

Introducing Jesus

Jesus is the most significant figure in Real Christianity. Therefore it is vital to find out about his life and his teachings.

Forgiveness and Salvation

The death and resurrection of Jesus are overwhelmingly important events. The resurrection of Jesus is the event which establishes the truth of the claims he made for himself and shows him to be the Son of God. But the death and resurrection of Jesus have an even more important function than this. This article is about why Jesus had to die and what the death of Jesus did for us.

Introducing the Bible

The Bible is a unique book. It is the only book that contains a message form God, a message that is still relevant today. It is therefore important to read it and find out what it says for oneself.

God's Plan

If one takes a look at the world it is quite clear to see that something is wrong with it. The world is very beautifully made and shows every sign of being the work of a designer, but it is full of wickedness, suffering and violence. This, however, is not its purpose. The world was made good, but it was spoiled by the sin of mankind. The big story of the Bible is God’s purpose to restore the world to its intended state, a state of peace, harmony and justice.

Life after Death

There are many ideas about what happens when you die. The Bible teaching is straightforward but most churches teach something different. A proper understanding of what happens after death gives hope for the future and peace now.

The Source of Temptation

One of the important concepts in the Bible is the idea of sin.The basic principle is that sin leads to death (see, for example, Romans 6:23); understanding where sin comes from is thus a useful part of the Gospel and it also helps us in a practical sense when we consider how to resist the temptation to sin.

The Way of Salvation

Sin leads to death, but sin can be forgiven through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. But to make use of the sacrifice of Jesus Christ and hence gain eternal life we need to associate ourselves with it.

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