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                                                        The Basic Gospel of the Apostles



This is the simple core of the Gospel proclaimed by the Apostles.

Main Section

  1. The Gospel begins and ends with Jesus.

       Content – Pentecost – 50 days after the resurrection.

       Acts 2:22,23 Jesus suffered and was crucified

                  v 24 But God raised him from the dead


   2. The Evidence

  • Human witnesses:           Acts 2:32 – They had been speaking to Jesus only 10 days before

                                                  1 Cor 15: (3-4), 5-8 – List of witnesses (number, close friends, enemies, family)


  • The empty tomb:              Acts 2:29 – David’s tomb: a contrast with Jesus’ tomb

                                                  Other evidence: the authorities couldn’t find the body

                                                  Matt 28: 11-15 – Silly excuse if the tomb wasn’t empty!

                                                                             & Trypho and Celsus later on.


    3. Jesus is exalted to Heaven

        Acts 2:36 – God has made him both Lord and Christ.        Explain Lord and God      1 Peter 3:6

                                                                                                          Explain Christ = Messiah = anointed.

        Rom 1:1-4 – Jesus is declared to be Son of God by the resurrection. He said he was Son of God – God raised him.

        Psalm 2:1-3 – The LORD = God. His anointed = Christ = Messiah.

                 v 6 – God speaks : His king has been set on Mt Zion = Jerusalem

                 vv 7,8 – The Son of God!              To rule all the nations.

       This requires that Jesus must come back. We don’t know – can’t know when.


    4.The return of Jesus

       Acts 2:34,35Note Until              Jesus is only in Heaven for a period of time

                                                                The return of Jesus brings the Kingdom of God & the day of judgement.


     5. The Kingdom of God

         Isaiah 65:17-25



          This is our hope for the future.




Jesus died and rose again

He is now in Heaven

He will return and rule a kingdom – at the day of judgement.

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