Forgiveness and Salvation



The death and resurrection of Jesus are overwhelmingly important events. The resurrection of Jesus is the event which establishes the truth of the claims he made for himself and shows him to be the Son of God. But the death and resurrection of Jesus have an even more important function than this. This article is about why Jesus had to die and what the death of Jesus did for us.

The eternal moral standard

There is a universally accepted standard of right and wrong. This is God's moral standard, inbuilt into every human being.


The breaking of the moral standard is called sin in the Bible.

Sin leads to death

The Bible is clear: sin leads to death. Everyone sins therefore everyone dies.

God's dilemma

God is merciful but he is also just. There needs to be a way for those who try to live a godly life to be forgiven. The sacrifice of Jesus provides a way.

Associating with Christ's sacrifice

To receive God's mercy people have to be associated with Jesus' sacrifice. This is done by baptism, complete immersion in water.

The link between sin and death

Jesus lived in a world that was full of sin. The curse of sin was on everyone, including Jesus. This was how a sinless man could die.


  1. There is a clear difference between right and wrong which shows a moral principle written into the universe by the one God who created it.

  2. The law of God is that sin brings death.

   3. Sin can be forgiven through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ.