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                                                                       Life after Death



Everyone must die – the only way we know what happens next is if someone returns from the dead, or God tells us.

But how would we know our information comes from God?


Main Section

   1. Jesus died and rose from the dead

  •    Jesus died on the cross   (Acts 3:13-15,  Lk 9:22)

  •    Jesus rose from the dead as a solid, living person  (not a spirit)

                           Lk 24:36-43 Context – first appearance to full group – disciples & women & others

                                                 Jesus was solid and alive – he said so – his disciples touched him – he ate some food

                                      v44     the Old Testament is confirmed

                                      v46     thus it is written: Jesus confirms the Old Testament

                           Lk 24 :25-27 Context – road to Emmaus. We would be fools not to believe the Old Testament

  • Jesus experienced death and resurrection

  • He could show disciples what it was

  • He told them that the Old Testament is reliable


   The teaching of Jesus and the Bible

   2. When we die we know nothing

      (Fall asleep Acts 7:60, Jn 11:11-13  what do you think “fall asleep” means in this context?) 

      Isa 18:17-19 why can’t the dead praise God?

      Eccl 9:5-6,10 classical statement on life after death


    3. Our hope is of resurrection from the dead, like Jesus

        1 Cor 15:21-23we will be raised – NB like Jesus

:                     v 24-26 – the Millenium: Death ceases at end of this

                      v 12-18 – ancient Greeks found this hard to believe     ← This is why so many churches find the Bible picture of                                                                                                                              death and resurrection so hard to believe

     3a (optional – if a picture is needed – try:)

        1 Thess 4:14 a picture of the return:  v14 fallen asleep = dead

                                                                        v16 – return  →  resurrection

                                                                        v17 – the living gathered to meet Jesus


     4. The Day of Judgement

         Acts 17:31- The day is chosen  Q. Who is the judge? A. The judge is Jesus, raised from the dead

  •      3 brief pictures: Dan 12:22 outcomes.   Jn 5:26-29  Judgement!   Jn 6:39,40  Q – when? Last day

         Matt 25:31-34  A picture of the judgement   v34  kingdom of God      v46  Q – what outcomes?  Outcomes: life & death

                The fact of judgement means that we are responsible for our actions now



  1. At death we know nothing until we are raised on the day of judgement

  2. Our resurrection will be physical, like that of Jesus

  3. On resurrection we will be judged and given life or death


Homework: Read 1 Cor 15

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