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Bible Posters

The posters form an exhibition about the Bible that can simply be printed on to paper or card, preferably A2. There are 12 pages, each about a different facet of the Bible.

Poster 1 - What is the Bible?

An overview of the Bible.


Poster 2 - The Unity of the Bible:

The Bible was written by several writers over many centuries. 

But it still presents a harmonious whole.

Poster 3 - the Text of the Bible

How the Bible we have today has come down to us unchanged through the centuries.

Poster 4 - Bible Predictions about Ancient Nations

A brief look at 8 nations whose future were accurately predicted in the Bible.

Poster 5 - The One God of the Bible

There is one God who made the universe. He has revealed himself in the Bible.

Poster 6 - Jesus of Nazareth

Jesus's ministry began when he was 30 years old. This is a summary of that ministry.

Poster 7 - Jesus Died, Jesus is Alive

The evidence for the resurrection of Jesus.

Poster 8 - the Trilemma

A logical look at the truth of Jesus' claim to be the Son of God.

Poster 9 - What is special about Jesus?

Jesus is the centre of God's plan.He is Son of God, Son of man, Redeemer, King and the only way to salvation.

Poster 10 - The Kingdom of God

God made the world a beautiful and good place. People have spoiled it. God will restore it in his kingdom to come.

Poster 11 - Life and Death

What happens when we die. Our hope for eternal life in God's kingdom.

Poster 12 - Your Salvation

Everyone dies because of sin. To find eternal life we must find a way to overcome this. The 4 steps to salvation.

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