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                                                                The Source of Temptation



This is about the idea of sin and temptation, and where temptation comes from.


Main Section

  1. The idea: what sin is        (OED: An immoral act considered a transgression of divine law)

        Definition: Sin is acting in a way which is against the moral principle defined by God.

  •     1 Jn 3:4  Sin is breaking the law                 

  •     Rom 14:28  Whatever is not of faith is sin

  •    Jas 4:17  Not doing the right thing is sin – even if we do nothing


   2. Everyone is a sinner             (Covered in Forgiveness and Salvation. Use Rom 3:9-10, 23 for a brief explanation)

       Rom 5:12All have sinned                          1 Jn 1:8 – if we say we have no sin we deceive ourselves

                          NB Sin brings death                                  (Reserve: Psa 14:1-3)


    3. Where temptation comes from       (OED: Temptation: the desire to do something wrong)

                                                                                  Same Greek word may mean test or trial

  •    Jas 1:13-15  - the process              Own desire → sin → death             NB Sin brings death

  •    Mk 7:20-23 - sins come from within, out of the heart of man

  •    1 Jn 2:16 - the desires of the flesh, the desires of the eyes, the pride of life

  •    Jer 17:9 - the heart is deceitful more than anything


    4. The Devil      This is a Biblical concept. It refers to the human tendency to sin.

    5. Satan      Hebrew word  -  adversary or opponent               borrowed by Greek

        1 Chron 21:1 // 2 Sam 24:1   Satan = the LORD God

        Matt 16:23  Get me behind me Satan – to Peter          1. To Peter

                                                                                                   2. The things of man                                     



    6. Consequences

  • We can’t trust our own desires  ( Jer 17:9, Jas 1:14)

  • Jesus died to destroy the devil  Heb 2:14


  • Sin is failure to follow God’s law → death

  • Temptation to sin comes from within ourselves

  • We need to think before we act

  • The devil is the thing that tempts us (if needed Mt 4:1)

  • We are tempted by our human nature (if needed Rom 7:17-23)

      Therefore the devil is part of human nature

  • There are no immortal sinners (if needed Rom 6:23, Ezek 18:4,20)

  • An external devil would be a sinner

      Therefore it would die

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