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8. Sin and Temptation

This section of the course is about sin, temptation, and where it comes from.
Sin is doing something which is morally wrong. We sin because we are tempted to sin, and our temptation comes from within us. We are also tempted by the Devil. This implies that the devil is not what is envisaged in popular culture, but that it is a part of human nature. The Bible gives a picture of the devil which will probably surprise you. Download the notes for a description of the Bible’s teaching in this area.
To download the notes on the Bible’s picture of the devil and the source of temptation click on the icon by the green box below. A video presentation on the topic is available by clicking on the link at the white box.
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Course notes: The source of temptation.

Click here to download the full text of the lesson.

Video Presentation

Click for an online video on the source of temptation.

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