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                                                                          God’s Plan



  • If you look at the world you see that there is something wrong with it

          It is full of wickedness, evil and suffering.

  • God made the world good but it is spoiled by mankind’s sin

          The big story of the Bible is that God has a plan to restore the world to its intended state.


Main Section

   1. The Fall  –  this is how sin, death and suffering came in to the world   

                          (Gen 1:31)  Immediately after creation the world was very goodThis is how God created the world.

                           Rom 5:12 – mankind sinned: this brought death and suffering in to the world

  • The cause of suffering in the world is sin.

  • Forgiveness of sin is needed before the world can be put right.


   2. The Sacrifice of Jesus  -  this provides the only way for the forgiveness of sins

                          Rom 5:16,17 -  The sacrifice of Jesus has provided a way to escape death      therefore escape from sin

                                     v 18 -  The offer of salvation is made to all men – provided that we make use of it

                                     v 21-  Summary: salvation and eternal life is available through Jesus.          *Grace: an undeserved gift


    3. The Return of Jesus  -  Jesus died and rose from death. 40 days later he rose to Heaven.

                                                But God promised that he will return. Around 400 verses in the NT are about this.

        Acts 1:6-11  -  this is the time when Jesus rose to heaven.

                  v11  - Jesus is to return from heaven, physically and visibly

                  v7 - we don’t know when this will happen

        Acts 3: 18-21    v18 – the sacrifice of Jesus    v20 – God will send Jesus     v21 – predicted by the prophets

                                                                                                                                                                See 4  OT (NT not written)

        1 Thess 4:15-17     v16 – Jesus to return    v16 – to raise dead     v17 – the faithful to be with Jesus

                                                (1 Thess 5;1-2  No-one knows when)

        Matt 24:30,31     v 30 - visible return    v31 – gather the elect    v36  No-one knows when

        (Acts 17:31Judgement)


    4. The Kingdom of God

         Psa 2:all –  a picture of the world at the return of Jesus

         Dan 2:44 –  the kingdom replaces all other kingdoms therefore on earth

         Isa 35:all –  picture of the kingdom

         2 Pet 3:10 what sort of people should we be?




Our world is spoiled by sin

Jesus died to remove sin

Jesus will return to rule God’s kingdom

In this the world will be put right

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