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Other important principles

The Bible teachings covered here are important as they are often misunderstood, leading to a distorted view of the Gospel. Again the aim is to look at what the Bible says and draw the teachings out from it.To find out more about any of the teachings click on the purple button.

The Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit is often mentioned where God is seen at work.The Spirit of God is used to describe occasions when God works, but no agent of God's is seen. A standard statement is that the Holy Spirit (or the Spirit of God) is the power of God, or the influence of God.

Miracles and the Power of God

The Bible contains accounts of many miracles in both the Old Testament and the New Testament. This study focuses on New Testament miracles and what they reveal about the power of God.


Everyone knows about angels. They have huge feathery wings, look beautiful in an ethereal way and are there to protect us. But what does the Bible actually say about angels?





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