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Online Course: The Gospel – Lesson Contents

This page is to allow you to jump to any of the lessons on the Online Gospel Course. Select the lesson and click on the link.

                        Introduction to the Course: If you haven’t registered for the course and would like to do so, or if you are new to the course and would like to follow it from the start, click on this link.

                        Introducing the Gospel: The Gospel was proclaimed by the Apostles wherever they went. This lesson analyses their message.

                        Introducing Jesus Christ:  Jesus is the significant person in Christianity. To understand Real Christianity, it is necessary to know about Jesus Christ. This lesson covers the life and person of Jesus Christ.

                        Introducing the Bible:  The Bible is the book which provides the information and teaching of Real Christianity. This lesson shows what the Bible is and how it was written.

                        The Forgiveness of Sins:  The purpose of Christ’s death was so that our sins can be forgiven. This chapter is about how this happens.

                        God’s Plan:  God created the world good, but it has been spoiled by sin. This lesson shows how God intends to transform the world to a paradise.

                        Life After Death:  This is about what happens after we die, and how we know.

                        Abraham and the Promises:  The line of Abraham passes through David the King to Jesus Christ. The promises given to Abraham and David are still important today.

                        Sin and Temptation:  This lesson is about what tempts us to sin. It defines the biblical meaning of the words “Devil” and “Satan”.

                        The Way to be Saved:  This talks about the steps that need to be taken in order to be saved from the effects of sin and receive forgiveness and eternal life.



Course notes: How the Course Works

Click here for a document which introduces the course.

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