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Why Believe?  

Why believe in God? Why believe in Jesus? Why believe the Bible?


This new series will begin with a panel discussion entitled 'Why believe?' on Saturday 26th September at 8.00pm.



The short presentations will be premiered on YouTube during Autumn.


28th September        Why Believe in God - The Uncreated Creator

5th October                Why Believe in God - The Balanced Universe

12th October              Why Believe in God - The Origin of Live

19th October             Why Believe in Jesus Christ - References outside the Gospels

26th October             Why Believe in Jesus Christ - The uninventable Jesus

2nd November          Why Believe in Jesus Christ - The resurrection

9th November           Why Believe the Gospels - Archaeology

16th November         Why Believe the Gospels - Undesigned Coincidences

23rd November         Why Believe the Gospels - Manuscript Evidence

30th November         Why Believe the Bible - Unity and Consistency

7th December           Why Believe the Bible - Fulfilled Prophecy

14th December         Why Believe the Bible - The Witness of Jesus

All presentations start at 8 pm (20.00 hrs)  UK time.

Every Monday in September there will be a new presentation looking at the major teachings of the Gospel based on the theme 'I believe'. These presentations are between 5 and 10 minutes long.

Monday 7th September      The Forgiveness of Sins                                     Michael Thorpe

Monday 14th September    The Resurrection of the Body                            Nigel Patterson

Monday 21st September    Jesus will Judge the Living and the Dead        Kitson Reid

If you missed any of the previous presentations about the major teachings of the Gospel they are all available on YouTube.

Monday 6th July:        I believe in one God, the Father  

Monday 13th July:      Maker of Heaven and Earth   

Monday 20th July:      I believe in Jesus Christ                

Monday 27th July:      The Only Son of God                 

3rd August     Born of the Virgin Mary

10th August   Crucified, Killed and Buried 

17th August   The third day he rose from the dead 

24th August   He ascended into heaven - the exalted Christ

31st August   Jesus will return from Heaven

These longer presentations are also available on You Tube.

 1st June:        Life After Death                                         

 8th June:       The Return of Jesus                                  

15th June:      The chosen line: Abraham to Jesus       

22nd June:     The Source of Temptation                        

29th June:      The Way to be Saved                                 

25th May:         Introducing the Gospel                          26th May:         Introducing Jesus Christ                      27th May:         Introducing the Bible                             28th May:         Introducing the Kingdom of God 

29th May:         Why Jesus had to Die                            

 30th May:        Panel Discussion  – Why be a follower of Jesus?       led by David Smith

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