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                                          The Birth of Jesus

December 6: What really happened at the birth of Jesus?
December 13: Can we believe the Gospel accounts of Jesus’ birth?
December 20: What does the virgin birth really mean?
December 27: The Gospel in simple term.

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                                                         Why believe the Gospels?



  Who wrote the New Testament Gospels?

  Evidence for the Gospels: Archaeology

  Evidence for the Gospels: Names

  Undesigned Coincidences: evidence of Gospel Accuracy

   When were the New Testament Gospels written?

   Why are there four Gospels instead of one?

   The Gospels: Eyewitness accounts  

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 The Real Gospels

   Are there Gospel contradictions?

   Why we Should Believe the Gospels

   Jesus Christ: Lord or Legend?

   What do we know about Jesus outside the Bible?

   What do we know for certain about Jesus

                                                  Controversial Questions

The Gospel in simple Terms
The Gospel in simple Terms: The Kingdom of God
The Gospel in simple Terms: Introducing Jesus
The forgiveness of sins in simple terms
Life after death: The Bible Truth
No-one will go to heaven


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How God reveals himself through other beings
No-one has seen God
Jesus is not God: Jesus was really tempted
Jesus is not God: The big distinction
Jesus is not God: The Word of God
Jesus is not God: The image of God
The Trouble with the Trinity

Consequences of the Resurrection

The Gospel in Real Time - overview of the project

The day Jesus died on the cross

The day Jesus rose from the dead

Evidence for the resurrection

Five things that follow from the Resurrection

Life After Death: The facts

Over Easter 2021 Gospel Online produced a series of tweets that Jesus' disciples and other witnesses might have sent had social media existed then. The story of the crucifixion and resurrection told in real time.     Click here to see a log of these messages. 

Inquest at Golgotha

The crucifixion and burial of Jesus did not go according to plan as far as the authorities were concerned. Reports of him being seen alive three days after he was supposed to have been killed caused consternation and questions were asked. If this was to happen now there would be an inquest. So an inquest was arranged.     Click here to see a video of the proceedings.

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Jesus and the Day of Judgement

Jesus Christ: Son of God not God the Son

What the ascension of Jesus means

The earliest Christians

The early Gospel

                                                              Critical Questions

Is the New Testament reliable?

Jesus Christ: Man or Myth (Lord or Legend)?

Who wrote the Gospels?

The Gospels: Fact or Fiction?

Have we the right Gospels?


The Truth about Paul

Paul: Apostle or Impostor?

Did Paul invent Christianity?

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Is the Trinity true?


Is the Trinity True?: The one God of the Bible

Is the Trinity True?: We know who we worship.

Is Jesus God?: Jesus has a God

Is Jesus God?: Jesus didn't know everything

Is Jesus God?: Jesus died for your sins

Is Jesus God?: Jesus was sent by God

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The Birth of Jesus

The Virgin Birth: Why you can believe it

What's special about Jesus

A new panel discussion:      Understanding the Gospel

Introducing the Gospel

Introducing the Gospel                          :         Introducing Jesus Christ                              Introducing the Bible                                  
Introducing the Kingdom of God 

 Panel Discussion  – Why be a follower of Jesus?      

Why Jesus had to Die
Life After Death                                        The Return of Jesus                                The chosen line: Abraham to Jesus      The Source of Temptation                      The Way to be Saved             

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The Christian Faith - from the 1st Century to Today

This is a series of shorter presentations.

I believe in one God, the Father   
Maker of Heaven and Earth   
I believe in Jesus Christ                 
The Only Son of God

Born of the Virgin Mary 
Crucified, Killed and Buried 

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The third day he rose from the dead
He ascended into heaven - the exalted Christ 
Jesus will return from Heaven
he Forgiveness of Sins  
The Resurrection of the Body  
Jesus will Judge the Living and the Dead   

Why Believe?  

Why believe in God? Why believe in Jesus? Why believe the Bible?


  Why Believe in God - The Uncreated Creator

  Why Believe in God - The Balanced Universe

  Why Believe in God - The Origin of Live

  Why Believe in Jesus Christ - References outside the Gospels

  Why Believe in Jesus Christ - The uninventable Jesus

  Why Believe in Jesus Christ - The resurrection


This series began with a panel discussion entitled 'Why believe?'  

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Why Believe the Gospels - Archaeology

Why Believe the Gospels - Undesigned Coincidences

Why Believe the Gospels - Manuscript Evidence

Why Believe the Bible - Unity and Consistency

Why Believe the Bible - Fulfilled Prophecy

Why Believe the Bible - The Witness of Jesus

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