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Online Course: The Gospel

Welcome to the Online Gospel course.


This course is an online introduction to the basic principles of the Gospel proclaimed by Jesus and the Apostles. It is recorded in the New Testament, which in turn is based on the background of the Old Testament. The only sources used in the presentation of the Gospel are those in the Bible. The course does not use church tradition, either ancient or modern, to interpret the Bible; everything comes from comparing one part of the Bible with another.


The course consists of a series of nine lessons. The main part of each of these is a set of notes pdf file which you can download to your computer – you can read it on the computer or print it out if you prefer. The lesson may also have a link to a video presentation, and to further material which is related to the lesson. During the lesson you will work through the lesson notes and answer a series of questions which are supplied with these notes.


You can follow the course in three different ways:

  • You can register for the course and follow it with a tutor, who will contact you by email. The tutor will discuss the response to the questions supplied with the lesson and will attempt to answer the questions that you raise.

  • You can follow the course without a tutor. Click on the link for the first lesson, download the notes and worksheet, watch the video material and, when you have understood the lesson, move on to the next one.

  • You can dip into the course, choose a topic which particularly interests you and go to the page which is associated with that lesson. You can then download the notes and answer the questions as you wish. If you wish to discuss the lesson with a tutor you can email the address written on the lesson page.


We recommend that you register the course and proceed with a tutor. If you do this you will be able to monitor your progress better and we will be able to help with questions.


To register with a tutor click on this link.



Course notes: How the Course Works

Click here for a document which introduces the course.

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