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Online Course “First Principles of the Gospel”: Registration

Welcome to the registration page for the Online Gospel course “First Principles of the Gospel”.


This course is designed to operate with a tutor. This tutor will look at your comments on the various sections of the course, will answer questions, and will provide additional information if you request it. You can register for one lesson or for the whole course.


Your email address will not be shared with any organisation outside the Christadelphian community. You will not be contacted by anyone other than your tutor (or a substitute if your tutor is for some reason indisposed).

To register, email: 

Please indicate the following:


•Name of the course: (In this case the course is “First Principles of the Gospel”)

  • Whether you would like a tutor for the whole course, or someone to help with just one lesson.

  • If you would like a tutor for part of the course, which part?


  • Your name

  • The name of the town in which you live (there is no need to give an address or post code – this is to allow us to find you a tutor from the same part of the country).

  • Your email address.

Course notes: How the Course Works

Click here for a document which introduces the course.

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