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The Bible refers to beings who are sinless, who are able to be in heaven with God and who often do God’s work in an unseen way on earth. They are known as “angels”. Occasionally human beings have had contact with them, and there are 21 incidents in the Bible where one or more of these beings has direct contact with humans, and a few more where angels are probably involved but are not named as such.

This section is about what angels are and what they do.

The word Angel

The original Hebrew and Greek words for 'angel' can both be translated as 'messenger'. What does this tell us about angels?

Gideon encounters an Angel

Gideon was a judge of Israel and his story appears in the book of Judges in the Old Testament. 

Some points about Angels

God uses the angels to protect people and to control events. 

The Angel in the burning bush

This is an event in the life of Moses in the Old Testament.

The Angel on Mount Sinai

This is another occasion on which an angel spoke to Moses.


  1. The Bible refers to a large number of beings who work for God. These beings often work invisibly, they resemble human beings and they work for God.

  2. Angels are often used to speak for God. When this happens they may use the name of God, perform the actions of God, speak as though God was speaking and even use the name of God.

  3. There is a basic principle which is seen in the case of angels, but applies to other beings as well: God reveals himself through other beings who are not themselves God.

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