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If one takes a look at the world it is quite clear to see that something is wrong with it. The world is very beautifully made and shows every sign of being the work of a designer, but it is full of wickedness, suffering and violence. This, however, is not its purpose. The world was made good, but it was spoiled by the sin of mankind. The big story of the Bible is God’s purpose to restore the world to its intended state, a state of peace, harmony and justice.

The Fall of the World

​Sin entered the world with the first man and as a result the world is spoiled. God plans to put this right but this requires some means of forgiving sins.

The Forgiveness of Sin

​Jesus's death on the cross provided the sacrifice required by God to forgive sins. By his death and resurrection people can have a hope of eternal life.


The Return of Jesus

​Forty days after his resurrection Jesus ascended to heaven. His disciples were told by angels that he would return at a future date. Old and New Testament prophecies foretell this in detail.

The Kingdom of God

Jesus's return brings the start of God's kingdom​.This will spread to cover the whole world which will then be made perfect once more. 



  1. The world is spoiled by sin. The consequence of sin is that the world is a place which supports suffering, disease and death.

  2. The death and resurrection of Jesus provides a way for the world to be renewed by the removal of sin.

  3. The future will bring the Kingdom of God, a period when the earth will be put right and death will be destroyed.

God’s Plan

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