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Introducing the Bible

The Bible is a unique book. It is the only book that contains a message from God, a message that is still relevant today. It is therefore important to read it and find out what it says for oneself.

Introduction (structure)

The Bible is the only book on which Real Christianity is based; so it's important to find out what it says. To study the Bible it is useful to know the structure of the book and how to find one's way around it.

How the Bible was written

How many centuries did it take to write the Bible and who were the authors?

Evidence which supports the Bible's claims

Can the Bible be trusted? Find out some of the evidence from archaeology, undesigned coincidences, unity of message, fulfilled Bible prophecy and eyewitnesses.

The Bible interprets itself

Nearly all religions have other books they use to interpret the Bible. Real Christianity has no need of these - the Bible teaches and explains for itself.


   1. The Bible is a message given to mankind by God.

   2. It is the basis for understanding God.

   3. Its value is established by objective evidence.

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