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The Basic Gospel

The Basic Gospel is what real Christianity is all about. It is about Jesus Christ, his death and resurrection and what that means to us. 


The Resurrection of Jesus

This is the basic fact of Christianity. It is taught throughout the Bible. It is prophesied in the Old Testament and related in the New Testament.

Evidence - human and physical

The tomb of Jesus was empty. This is a fact of history. There are two types of evidence to show this: human (eyewitnesses) and physical or forensic evidence. 

What the resurrection means

Jesus rose from the dead. How does that affect us now?

The Kingdom of God

Jesus will return to the earth to set up God's kingdom. The resurrection proves this.



This chapter shows three main points as essential parts of the Gospel: 

  1. The basic fact on which the Gospel is built is that Jesus rose from the dead.

  2. Jesus is now in heaven, but will one day return to the earth.

  3. Jesus will rule God’s Kingdom when he returns at the day of judgement.

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