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  God the creator


In the first chapter of the first book of the Bible is the account of the creation of the world. Many now say this is outdated, superseded by modern science. However the Bible account is true and on the fact of creation hangs the redemption of mankind.

The first cause

God is eternal, everlasting. The universe is not; it had to have a beginning.


The laws of nature

These are the laws which maintain a stable universe. They are precise to a phenomenal degree.


The creation of life

The precision in all forms of life requires an intelligent mind to have designed it.


What the Bible tells us about God

The Bible describes God as the creator. It also tells of the purpose behind creation and the hope that holds out for people.



Both evidence from the universe and the Bible tell the same story.

  1. The evidence of nature and the Bible tell us that there is a creator who brought the universe into existence.

  2. The God who created the universe is outside the universe and is unlimited. He is eternal and of tremendous power.

   3. The God who created the universe has a purpose for it. This involves the existence of life, and allowing                   people within his creation to know his purpose.

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