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The Creation of Life

Life is dependent on the action of proteins. Each protein consists of a chain of small elements known as 'Amino acid residues'. Twenty different amino acid residues are used and the properties of a protein are determined by the sequence of amino acid residues within it.


This knowledge allows us to calculate the probability of producing a protein of any given length by an undirected process. The probability of producing a working protein for some particular action is extremely small; the probability of producing a protein to carry out the function of Lysozyme (one of the smallest proteins in living creatures) can be shown to be around one in 10      - this is so small that even if one were to make a random protein of the correct length on every atom in the universe every nanosecond since the big bang, the probability of arriving even once at the correct sequence would be insignificantly tiny.


Essentially, the existence of life is a miracle. It means that God has intervened in the universe since the universe was initially created. God did not simply wind up the universe and allow it to continue without further direction. He has intervened since the creation to ensure that the world achieves the purpose he set for it.


Of course, the resurrection of Jesus is one of the most obvious interventions by God in recorded history.


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